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RizOne GL Accounting

Simply & Cost Effective GL Accounting for Small Business

  • accounting software for small business
  • rizone-gl-accounting

    Accounting is one of the most important pillar of any business, without maintaining accounts any origination cannot make their future strategic decisions and financial analysis. As per the standards of Pakistani business accounting needs, Rizone Solutions has been designed a very easy to use and cost-effective GL based Accounting module for all small & medium size trading & service businesses, to keep track of their all business financial transaction record like daily receiving, payment, income tax, adjustment etc. This software covers all business's financial statements such as General Ledger, Cash/Bank Flow, Receivable/Payable, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet periodically. We assure, this accounting software will really assist you to automate your back office finance and reduce your manual book keeping mistakes.

    Our all products are password protected Strong User wise Management and network enable feature available in optional ad-on. Our Software automatically keeps the backup of your records to avoid data loss. In case of any crashing, data can be restored; our tutorial will assist to end user for implementing it successfully whether you are highly experienced or if you have no much knowledge of accounts.

      • Chart of Account
      • Cash Receipts Register
      • Cash Payments Register
      • Bank Receipts Register
      • Bank Payments Register
      • Journal Voucher Register
      • R/P Voucher Printouts
      • Journal Voucher Printout
      • Cash/Bank Book
      • Accounts Ledger
      • Receivable/Payable Statement
      • Trial Balance
      • Profit & Loss
      • Balance Sheet
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